Just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Lacrampe and all the office staff for taking care of me. Five years ago I had gum grafting over three of my teeth. Last month I came in for my yearly checkup and Dr. Lacrampe said the procedure was a great success, and there is 100 percent coverage over the teeth involved. I want to thank the doctor and all the staff for their consistent compassion and caring they offered over these years. I feel so fortunate to have such exceptional people in my life experience.

Louise V

Dr. Lacrampe and his team were excellent throughout my procedure. I appreciate the openness and frankness regarding my procedure. The procedure itself went better than expected and my recovery was quick. They made sure any pain I incurred was mitigated to the best of their abilities. Overall, Dr. Lacrampe and his team create a comfortable environment and I am happy to have had my work done with them.

Derek B.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lacrampe. He explained the gum grafting procedure in detail and he was very comforting the day of the procedure, as I was somewhat nervous. He has a great sense of humor and his office staff and assistants are warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable. The procedure was a success and I now have the gums of an 18 year old. Woot! Woot!

Kim B

My experience with Dr. Lacrampe and the entire Periodontics team was nothing less than superior. Initially, I was very nervous and worried about gum surgery, particularly the possible pain and recovery period. Everything was clearly explained by Dr. Lacrampe from start to finish. All of my questions were answered and all of my concerns addressed. The initial consultation and pre-surgery appointments were professional, timely, and well-handled by everyone. The surgery itself and subsequent recovery was absolutely painless. Follow up visits were no different. I was notified and reminded in advance (even for my 1-year follow up), and again Dr. Lacrampe and his staff were warm, friendly, and professional. If I need additional gum surgery in the future, I will return to Dr. Lacrampe and definitely recommend him and his dedicated staff! Thank you!!!

Jeff R.

Good place for all dental work!!! Excellent care!!!


Growing up in the 1950s, my experience with dentists was terrifying! Things change. Dr. Lacrampe made my experience a pleasant and painless one. Great bedside manner. Wonderful support staff and Bernadette, at the front desk, was great!!!

Gary B.

My experience with Dr. Lacrampe and his staff was exceptional! I never thought I would say this, but I LOVE my gums! Very happy and highly recommend!

Jill L.

Dr. Lacrampe and his staff are very professional and nice people. I feel very safe in their care. I would recommend friends or family to this office! Great care !!!

Janel C.

Dr. Lacrampe was very thorough with my care. He carefully explained each procedure to ensure my comfort. My recovery time was reduced due to his techniques. I felt like I received excellent care. All of his staff members were so friendly and made my visits easier. I highly recommend Dr. Lacrampe

Laura C.

Dr. Lacrampe is gentle and has an awesome personality! He and his staff are all very helpful and knowledgeable! Love them!

Dee R.

I am very satisfied with the results of my implant treatment and the service of the staff and convenience of the office hours.

Gary E.

Love the entire staff!!! They are so helpful and answer any questions/concerns you may have. Very friendly and make you feel comfortable. I've had the gum tissue grafting surgery done twice now and have absolutely no complaints. Love the work that Dr. Lacrampe and his staff do!!!

Jenna L.

Dr. Lacrampe and his staff at EPL are so helpful and so good at what they do, it really made the entire experience, from consultation to follow-up, so positive. I was nervous at first, but found the more questions I asked, the better I felt, especially because Dr. Lacrampe and his staff made me feel so confident and at ease in their answers. Thank you so much for my new gums!!!

Claire M.

I was referred to Dr. Lacrampe by my dentist and the thought of gum surgery was scary, but my fears were completely put to rest by Dr. Lacrampe and his staff. Everyone is informative, warm, friendly, and open. They made me feel safe and supported with all the great instructions and guides. Dr. Lacrampe did an amazing job so the healing process went great. My gums are healthy now and look fantastic. Thank you for making this all such a positive experience

Diana P.

My experience was great. The gum tissue looks so much better and the procedure was problem free. The recovery time was also much faster than I thought it would be. I don't know why I waited so long to take care of it. I should have done it sooner and I would highly recommend Dr. Lacrampe

Barbara E.

Dr. Lacrampe and his staff made me feel comfortable and most important, made me feel that I was/is their top priority in providing my oral care. Dr. Lacrampe and his team are not only supportive and caring to their patients, but I notice that they are kind and supportive to each other. Great team!!!

Lanna B.

Even though I was apprehensive about the procedure, I was pleasantly surprised about how well it all went and I was able to relax with Dr. Lacrampe and he and his staff made me feel very comfortable.

Elaine O.

Dr. Lacrampe and his staff are delightful, professional, efficient, and compassionate. I had an amazing experience at their office. I highly recommend Dr. Lacrampe and his entire & completely remarkable staff!

Laurel M.

I've had a very good experience here. No pain or discomfort. Great staff that were very helpful with my treatment.

Gary C.

Dr. Lacrampe, Shalynn, and Bernadette made the experience very positive with their professionalism and care for their patients. I would recommend them highly.

Sheryl P.

I recently saw Dr. Lacrampe for a gum surgery. His staff was very nice, professional, and efficient. Dr. Lacrampe explained the complete procedure to me, quoted prices prior to surgery (with options), and coordinated well with my regular dentist. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Lacrampe and his office, and would recommend them highly.

Ray B

Dr. Lacrampe and his entire staff are so friendly and warm. Even though I was nervous about the procedure in general, I always felt at ease and confident in the people working on me. The results of my procedure far surpassed my expectations and I'm so glad I FINALLY took care of myself!!!

Kristy Z.

The entire experience here was a 10+!!! From reception, who was warm and caring, to Dr. Lacrampe, who was very good and has great people skills. Now lets chat about Bobbie, the woman is amazing!!! I hadn't seen a dentist in a long time due to fear. She did a very long deep cleaning procedure that went so well. I had almost no discomfort the next day. I highly recommend her and the entire staff here!!!

Bonnie S.

The results of the soft tissue grafting by Dr. Lacrampe exceeded my expectations. He is an excellent and careful periodontist, even an artist at what he does, I'd say. The team does a great job advising through the procedure and making it as pleasant an experience as possible.

Hank G.

I have the highest regard for Dr. Lacrampe, both as a person and as a highly skilled professional. I went to our first meeting untrusting, doubtful that the work was required, and scared of the cost. He not only put me at my ease with his personable style but made a clear, thorough case for moving forward, DESPITE the cost. I am very grateful that he persuaded me to opt for the donated skin graft, rather than take flesh from my own mouth, as that would have created a second surgical site. Since I was (comfortably) conscious throughout the procedure itself, I can vouch for Dr. Lacrampe's skill, concern for my safety, and sense of humor. Throughout my recovery, he was accessible, attentive to my concerns, and quick to see me if reassurance was needed. My mouth, miraculously using the skin graft as an arbor on which to grow my own gums, has healed beautifully and I am fortunate to achieved 100% root coverage. I eat and drink now without discomfort, and, of course, I am thrilled to have precluded bone loss down the road. At every stage of the work, both Dr. Lacrampe and his staff were competent and supportive, and I am grateful that I have them on file for any future periodontal needs.

Robin M.

Dr. Lacrampe and his entire staff were wonderful! They always greeted you with a smile and had an upbeat attitude. The work done is fantastic and they walked me through all the steps and options. Thank you!

Jessica C.

I'm very pleased with the results of my gum grafting procedure. The entire staff has been professional, caring, and fun. Thank you!!!

Sylvia P.

The whole staff was more than polite and helpful and made the process easy. Dr. Lacrampe was very personable and straightforward in explaining the whole procedure, letting me know all my options. I would highly recommend him for all periodontic needs.

Todd C.

At first I was hesitant about the procedure, but Dr. Lacrampe assured me this was the right thing to do. I appreciated that he left the final decision to me.
It turned out to be a success and I am very happy with the outcome. Would recommend it to other patients

Debbie M.

From our first phone contact with Bernadette, to the final follow up visit, my son had an exceptional experience with Dr. Lacrampe and his staff. Dr. Lacrampe made a scary and uncomfortable procedure as easy as possible. He spent extra time with Tyler and I answering any questions that we had. The work he did was not only ultimately professional, but BEAUTIFUL! The entire staff takes pride in their work and extra special care of their patients

Elyse R.

All of the staff are very patient, lovely, and so pleasant to do business with! Dr. Lacrampe is 100% available and informative. He even called to reassure me on a Sunday! He is a client focused, wonderful doctor.

Kim G.

All of my expectations were met. I followed my patient's instructions and everything turned out perfect. The staff is friendly and the Dr. is beyond outstanding. I rate this office 110%. I would highly trecommend Dr. Lacrampe to anyone.

Tom A.

Let's begin by saying I was completely "freaked out" about the prospect of losing one of my front teeth. I am a nurse and I smile constantly. Dr. Lacrampe and everyone of his staff was comforting and terrific. Shalynn held my hand and is the most gentle soul. I did not feel a thing. I know it is hard to believe, but it is true. I will miss my appointments and I thank God I was referred to this office for my dental implant surgery. An amazing doctor

Suzie V.

They were the best. My implant surgery was nearly a pain free experience with the latest tools and technology. Doctor and his staff are very friendly.

Terri G.

Dr. Lacrampe and staff are wonderful! They are accomodating and caring. My procedure was a success and I have recommended Dr. Lacrampe to family and friends.

Mary C.

Dr. Lacrampe was referred to us by our orthodontist. We did not know what to expect when we heard that our 5th grader needed gum work!
Dr. Lacrampe was kind, patient, thorough, and exceeded our expectations.
The grafting procedure was a complete success in giving our boy healthy new tissue. BRAVO!!! I would also like to add that Lynne was extremely helpful, patient, and professional in dealing with both me and my son. We loved the entire staff. This was an experience that I would recommend to alll of my friends. Thank you!!!

Sami L.

This was my third experience with periodontal surgery and it was by far the best. The procedure and aftermath was far less painful and uncomfortable than I expected. The result was terrific and apparent within a short period of time.

Robert A.

I work in the medical field and so I am very particular about who I get care from. I am also very squeamish when it comes to my mouth. I was referred to Dr. Lacrampe for periodontal surgery by my regular dentist. I was very nervous about the procedure and really unsure if I wanted to go through with it. As soon as I walked into the office and was greeted, I felt relaxed and it only got better from there. Dr. Lacrampe fully explained the procedure, why it needed to be done, and what may happen if it wasn't done. He answered all my questions without making me feel like they were ridiculous. He explained all the different options for the procedure without putting any pressure on me to decide right then. All financial options were presented and I was able to go home and think about it without feeling pressured or stressed out. I was totally at ease. I had the procedure done and felt like a VIP patient. I had a question and I called Dr. Lacrampe at home one time. The results were amazing and I will be having the opposite side done soon. The staff were ALL incredible. I would give them all the highest recommendation.

Melody P.

I thought the care & service of Dr. Lacrampe was exemplary in all respects. I had seen the dentist that practiced in the office previously, and he had told me that bone loss was permanent. Dr. Lacrampe re-established bone. It was a very wonderful thing, very pleased with Dr. Lacrampe

Peter C.

I have had two gum grafting procedures done with Dr. Lacrampe. My experience was beyond satisfactory. I was so scared and the whole staff comforted me and eased all my fears. Both surgeries were incredibly successful and during the surgery I felt safe and that Dr. Lacrampe was clear about what he was doing and why. I did exactly what I was told and I had a fantastic outcome. If I can give any advice, it would be choose this doctor and follow his aftercare plan.

Lisa S.

Everyone in this office is just simply AWESOME. Very friendly, professional, and takes great care to answer all my questions and explain everything! This isn't one of those dentist's offices that you should fear. The people and care they give really make it easy to come here! Doc, Shalynn, and Bernadette are the best!!!

Jason L.

On my first visit, i was made to feel like I was an old, valued client which is amazing. My procedure was easy and pretty painless and the results were outstanding. Highly recommend the entire staff!!!

Tony W.

I am so happy to have met Dr. Lacrampe and his wonderful office staff. Everyone has been so helpful and patient in answering my questions and working with my anxiety as I moved into unknown territory of dental grafting of soft tissue! Dr. Lacrampe is continually informing me of all the points of the healing process and expectations of the healing outcomes.
The office staff has been very helpful also with my questions of caretaking of my grafts after surgery. Also, they have been very clear and helpful with questions about the billing process. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lacrampe to anyone looking for a periodontist specialist.
P.S. Love Bernadette-she is the center of the office from which everyone revolves- a heart warming the office space.

Louise V.

We felt very welcomed from the beginning. All staff were pleasant and Dr. Lacrampe made me feel quite comfortable throughout the entire procedure. We were well informed and would recommend his services to others.

L.O. M.

Care was excellent and all the staff are lovely!!!

Mary O.

Dr. Lacrampe was fantastic! I had a bunch of issues that I was sure would make my experience horrible. Instead, it was great! He took the time to understand and address my concerns. His execution of the procedure was great, and he followed through with all of his mitigation steps. I couldn't have even imagined a better experience! It was well done!

Rachel C.

Professional and informative
Personal, friendly, and efficient
Office space clean and pleasant

Ferrol H.

Was very pleased with work done.
And the dr.' s way of discussing what he was doing and what was going to happen afterwards.
Made me feel very comfortable

Gustavo V.

I was very apprehensive about the procedure and doctor called me PERSONALLY and reassured me. I was afraid of doing this.
My care was kind, considerate, and personal and very professional.
I would highly recommend Dr. Lacrampe and I have excellent things to say about the staff also.

Larry B.

Good job. They were very pleasant and efficient. Go Bulls!!!

Ken F.

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